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Adoption Events









We will be having two Adoption Events this weekend! If you are interested in adoption our volunteers can also set up a meeting outside of our events once your pre-adoption questionnaire is approved. Our next adoption events will be:


Location: Lucky Pets in St. Michael (Map)

Date: Saturday May 23rd, 2015

Time: 12:00 - 6:00


Location: Lucky Pets in St. Michael (Map)

Date: Sunday May 24th, 2015

Time: 12:00 - 5:00


If you are interested in adoption and would like to meet one of our dogs or cats please email us at arrowsheart2012@gmail.com.

Spring Time Promotion

Arrow's Heart has set a Spring Time Promotion in order to help find a home for all of our long term dogs and harder to place dogs. Long term dogs are the ones that have been in rescue for four months or longer. Harder to place dogs are the dogs that don't find homes as fast as the young cute little puppies do. In order to help find these pups a loving home we have lowered their adoptions fees. All of our "Spring Time" dogs are $250.00 or less. Check out our available dog list to see which pups have been waiting for their forever home far too long. If you have any questions email us at arrowsheart2012@gmail.com.   

Featured Dog

Name: September (Ol' Seppie)

Breed: Whippet/Border Collie Mix

Age: Mature Adult

Gender: Female

Description: Seppie is a sweet, beautiful and loving girl. She absolutely loves children who are gentle with her – she has been hanging out with the neighbor children in the afternoons (ages 4 and up). Seppie loves to stay outdoors and suntan, but she will wander off, so a fenced in yard would be good for her. She definitely enjoys lying in the grass and on the deck (She is a southern sun tanning dog)! Seppie has been learning many new commands and she definitely knows the word “treats.” Seppie is a little spoiled and she pretty much gets to do what she wants (loves, suntan, treats, play with neighbor kids, covered up at night – when chilly, has her own pillow, has the run of the house, etc.) She also loves to play with stuff toys and will take people socks to lay on. She has overcome her shyness and gained some weight since she has been in rescue. Seppie also likes car rides. Seppy has been spayed/neutered, dewormed and is up to date on all shots. If you have questions or you would like to request a pre-adoption questionnaire please email Rachel at arrowsheart2012@gmail.com.


*Spring Time Promotion!

Animals for Adoption

Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue has many great dogs available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog please check out our Dogs for Adoption page.


We also have many wonderful cats for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a cat please check out our Cats for Adoption page.

About Us

Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)3 pending animal rescue. We rescue dogs, cats and other small animals. All of the animals in our program are waiting for adoption. To learn more about our rescue please read our About Us page.