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Note: Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue cannot guarantee the ages of some animals in our rescue. The animals that are currently in our care come from all walks of life and in many cases the age or date of birth of our animals is not known. We do our best to give as accurate an age as possible based on the old owner’s information, the sending shelters information, veterinarian advice and/or personal experience. We prefer to use age groups to depict an animal’s age. These age groups are listed below.

Puppy/Kitten: 0-6 months old
Young Adult: 6 months-2 years old
Adult: 2-6 years old
Mature Adult: 6-8 years old
Senior: 8+ years old

Puppies/Kittens Vs. Adults Vs. Seniors

Puppies and Kittens:


Most everyone loves these fluffy little fur balls. Puppies and kittens generally have very short stays in rescue and are easily adoptable. In most cases, because of their young age it is believed that they are readily trainable and more adaptable to their new homes. While this is generally true there are some things to think about when making your decision. Puppies and kittens have high energy levels, and they require lots of time and structured training. If a puppy is not given proper training and exercise or is poorly socialized it can cause frustration for both the animal and the owners. Be sure you are ready to dedicate energy and training to help your new pet become the best family member for your home. If you are a first time dog owner we strongly suggest utilizing a professional trainer to help train both your family and your new puppy. Potty-training is almost always needed and can take anywhere from one week to several months before your new pet is completely potty-trained. Many puppies and kittens have a need to chew and will sometimes chew everything in sight. They need to be taught what is acceptable to chew and what is not. While they are going through this stage it is important to put anything and everything that is dangerous to the animal or valuable to the owners out of harm’s way.




Adult animals in rescue are less likely to be adopted as quickly as puppies and/or kittens. The personality of adults are generally already in place, and many people believe adults to be less trainable than puppies or kittens. The truth is that because adult personalities are already set, we as a rescue group can better assess the best home and lifestyle for these wonderful animals. This helps make successful placements much more prosperous. It is important to remember that personalities and training methods are two different things. While personalities are often set in stone, training adults is just as easy if not easier than training puppies and kittens once the animal's personality is known. Adults tend to have more patience and are less distracted than puppies. Usaully adults are already or mostly potty trained (In some cases with rescued dogs, potty-training is still needed especially in abuse and neglect cases as well as with puppy mill survivors). Adults are usually calmer having already gone through their excitable puppy or kitten stage, although they still require a certain amount of daily exercise dependent on the breed and personality of the animal. Another important factor to consider when making your decision to adopt a rescue dog is the fact that many animals have been through terrible experiences such as abuse and neglect or have been poorly socialized. Please be sure to research the dog(s) you are interested in and training methods for dogs that come from poor situations before making your decision.


Mature Adults/Seniors


Thoughts before adopting a senior animal are much like adopting an adult. The saddest part for most senior dogs in rescue is that they tend to stay in rescue for long periods of time. Seniors may not have as much time with their new families as puppies/kittens or even adults, but they are in just as much need of love and care as any other animal. Adopting a senior is a noble deed and we can promise the term “it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” will ring true when you decide to open your home to these amazing elderly animals.

Remember that adopting a rescued animal is an amazing experience, and to have the most successful of experiences it is important to adopt the best fit for your home and lifestyle. If you have questions about what animals would be the best fit for your home and lifestyle, please stop by one of our adoption events where one of our knowledgeable volunteers can answer any questions you may have. You are also welcome to email us at

Note: We are not professional animal behaviorists or professional trainers. We are volunteers that have had widespread experiences with multiple types of rescued animals. Unless otherwise cited this information comes from our personal experience and has not necessarily been researched and proven to be accurate.


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