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If you are interested in opening your home and your lives to one or more of these amazing animals then please read on...


Things you should know before considering becoming a foster parent:

Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue foster care requirments:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be or have the approval of the decision maker(s) in your house hold.
  • If you do not own your own home you must have the approval of your land lord.
  • You must be able to bring your foster pet(s) to our regularly schedule adoption events on time.
  • You must be able to provide the proper care and housing for the animal(s) you are fostering. This includes but is no limited to reinforcing manners, working on behavioral issues example are leash manners, house breaking, ect.), housing indoors or the appropriate setting for the foster animal(s), and proper feeding.
  • All new foster parents are required to leave a check in the amount of the adoption fee. This check is not cashed unless we do not hear from you for an extended period of time. Failure to come to an adoption event unless previously agreed upon results in the animal(s) considered adopted by the foster home, and the foster form serves as a contract and the security deposit check will be cashed. The foster home will abide by the conditions of the adoption contract (which can be seen at Adoption Policies & Procedures).
  • If you chose to adopt the animal(s) please notify Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue immediately so that we can inform potential adopters. We will then have you complete the adoption contract and the animal’s vet work can be released to you.
  • We request that you commit to fostering the animal(s) until it has been adopted. If you are for some reason unable to foster the animal(s) any longer we ask that you contact us immediately to discuss your options.
  • If you feel the animal(s) needs immediate medical care you MUST contact us and get approval for the animal(s) to be seen at one of our designated veterinarians. Any unauthorized veterinarian visits will be at the foster parent’s expense.
  • If you have any questions during your foster experience with Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue please call or email us using the contact information sheet you were given. All food, crates and necessary items the animal(s) need well under your care can be provided to you. (Of course you are welcome to provide those items yourself as a donation to Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue).
  • Once approved, new fosters are required to do an afternoon of volunteer work for two weekends at an adoption event before selecting their first foster dog. After the second afternoon of volunteering, fosters are not required to stay at each event, although we love to have the help! Dropping off and picking up the foster animal at the beginning and end of the events is fine. 

Please read the following information about what it means to be a foster parent...


Fostering animals while they are waiting to find their forever homes isn't for eveyone. This can be a challenging experinces, but opening up your home and investing time, love and care is a rewarding experinces. Many of the animals that come into our rescue have been through tramatic and painful experinces. The dogs that come through our rescue seem to be the ones that have experinced the most pain. Potential foster homes should be prepared for not only the dedication of love and care, but also the rehabilation of the animal. Many animals will need structured but loving training to help them become better furry family members. The dogs in our program come from all walks of life and many from poor living conditions. These include puppy mill survivors and those removed form abuse or negelct cases. When considering becoming a foster parent it's important to make sure you are well informed about the animal you want to foster and it's needs.


If you have more questions or you would like to become a foster parent for one of the animals in Arrow's Heart Animal Rescue please email us at

Foster Application, Agreement and Waiver
You are welcome to print, complete and bring this document to our adoption event. We will also have them available at our adoption event.
Adobe Acrobat document [269.3 KB]


Donations can be sent to




We are always in need of blankets, sheets, towels, rugs, ect. We will accept anything dog/cat related. Please bring any items you would like to donate to our adoption events at the Pet Smart in Waite Park, MN!

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Volunteers are needed!

We are always looking for volunteers and foster homes to assist in the care and love of these wonderful animals while they are waiting for adoption. Please see our Get Involved page for more information on how you can help!

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