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First Time Dog Owners

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First Time Pet Owners

The most important advice we can give first time pet owners is to research all aspects of pet ownership before making the decision to adding a pet to your family. Owning a pet should not be taken lightly and there are many things to consider when making this decision.


What to consider when deciding to add a pet to your family:


Are you able to commit to the animal for 10-15 years?

  • Are you considering big life changes (moving, going to school, getting married, having children etc.?)


Do you have the proper housing and time to dedicate to your new pet?

  • Can you afford the costs of pet owner ship?
  • Provide proper medical care?
  • Can you keep your animal safe?
  • Can you provide proper exercise?
  • Can you provide proper training?
  • What will you do with your pet when you go on vacation?


What type of animal is right for you?

  • Species
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Personality


Arrow’s Heart Animal Rescue will work with first time pet owners to help make successful placements. First time pet owners may want to consider fostering an animal to determine if pet ownership is right for them. Through foster care people and families will be able to experience pet ownership without having to make a life time commitment. We do ask foster homes to commit to caring for the animal until it is adopted, which can be anywhere from one week to several months. This will allow potential owners the chance to see if expenses are manageable and they have adequate time for training and exercise.


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We are always in need of blankets, sheets, towels, rugs, ect. We will accept anything dog/cat related. Please bring any items you would like to donate to our adoption events at the Pet Smart in Waite Park, MN!

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Volunteers are needed!

We are always looking for volunteers and foster homes to assist in the care and love of these wonderful animals while they are waiting for adoption. Please see our Get Involved page for more information on how you can help!

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